Choosing Right Web Hosting Solution

20 May

If we want to start a small business or a website, currently, it is necessary it can be mounted under a WordPress or any CMS (Content Management System) to get benefit, in addition to changes in web , of the many themes, plugins and tutorials out there on the net. But this is very advisable to have a proper hosting, where you’re the owner of all your content.

This is some doubts to start a blog : Which hosting one I want?, Will this hosting for WordPress? Will it stay this small hosting in no time?

This article is aimed to choose best web hosting at people who want to set up your first WordPress and have their first hosting to .

Types of hosting

There are three types of hosting: Sharing, Dedicated and VPS.
Sharing: The most common, offering a good service at a very good price. As the name suggests, our space contracted share server space with other websites users.
This option is very good to begin with, we do not need much space, nor the server asked dedication to our blog, so is the ideal choice when we started our WordPress.
The next step would have a VPS (Virtual Private Server) that shares, as happened in the previous example, hosting resources, but this option does it in two. No longer a shared server but also have more independence to be able to play the system resources and to be shared, it still has a pretty good price.
And last the Dedicated Server: which, as its name implies, are servers where your site will be the only hosted, may have all the requirements you want.
Such hostings are used by companies that have little use large web application: Many visits, web applications that spend memory … So the cost will obviously be much higher than the previous cases.
It is clear that if we start with a blog, considering that it will be a space that will not have many visitors, it will not consume a lot of resources … the first option, shared hosting is the best option considering price / quality.

The choice of when to step and is more difficult to define, but is usually done when the hosting you have hired, with increasing users, not quite right hold your WordPress. But this and other stories are.
Unlimited space and bandwidth

This feature has long been the workhorse of the servers: hard disk space and maximum monthly transfer. There is lots of jobs in hosting companies, you can check lots of articles in blog.
Disk space refers to the physical space we have to host our website. In order to have a reference, my blog on WordPress to three and a half months have created, occupies 70MB.
Maximum monthly transfer refers to the amount of MB to be transferred to your users. If your home weighs 1MB and your monthly limit is 1000 MB, which have 1000 visitors to your home will cut off the supply. That is when that little sign of “bandwtidh exceded”.
These two features but life passed away, when the servers started giving unlimited MB monthly transfer, and in some cases unlimited MB of disk (or nonsense as 1-2GB, remember that a blog like mine weighs 70MB).
Although there is a small print with this “unlimited” to start a blog that you do not need to import the least .
If you have a blog with a large audience (say 3000-4000 unique visitors per day) and with peaks beasts, you should consult your supplier, as these are covered back saying the traffic is unlimited based on a “normal” traffic. As see, the usual adjective is quite subjective


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